Kicking things off

20 01 2012

I bought my Adonit Jot Pro for iPad this week.

The primary use is for editing and annotating lecture notes and general stylus activity.

These pens will work on all devices with capacitive screens, like iPhones and the likes as well as some resistive screens like the Nintendo DS








First impressions show it is comfortable to handle, well balanced and very stylish. It’s not too heavy while still maintaining a feel of quality about it. It contains magnets that allow the pen to ‘clip’ to the magnets on iPads, which is a neat feature.

The tip is focused and sharp and looks under the hand just like a pen.

The focal point of the whole pen is a small thin plastic circular disc that has a ball and socket joint which offers a writing angle of just over 40°. It has a small silver cross just below the nib which appears to be where the pen focuses its scribing function.

I do have concerns about the accuracy of the unit, where the plastic capacitance disc already seems to be loosing some of its accuracy. My style of writing is small and sharp with movement from the fingers and not the wrist and this really tests the Jot Pro. Now that the disc has now been used for a week and is a little looser meaning response time on the screen is longer than what it was when I first purchased it.

It’s a great tool but is it worth £25…

Yes, Probably.

Are there other products available with similar performance for a fraction of the cost…

Yes, Definately.




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