Creation Science in schools.

25 01 2012

So recently, I’ve thought alot about this…

“Does Creation Science have a place in Schools?”

To me, as a Scientist in academia, a Pharmacist proud to be in the field I see Science as the pride of humanity.

It’s our greatest achievement. To be able to crystallize proteins and map their structure, or mathematically calculate the distance to nearby stars from a few simple angles or to catch a snake in order to protect our species from its deadly venom.

We are the only species on this planet of millions to have developed to the point where we can actually manipulate the resources on our planet to the atomic level so that we can gain from it. Our next closest friends are still standing round scratching their heads playing children’s games to win bananas.

I see the fundamental of this science and everything that pushes it forward is to approach it without a predisposition. To enter into an investigation and to allow the results to direct you, rather than the presupposition.

I feel that this country which used to be so coveted by others only has one thing left to offer the world that is of any particular value… Its ingenuity.

If we allow our future minds (and therefor future products to sell to other countries) to practice science in a way which allows anything other than the experimental truth to be expressed, we are in danger of polluting the truth of science that has served us so well until now.

If I conduct an investigation and my results are X, but my faith tells me that it can’t be X, only Y; then I try and find a way to doctor and shape the results to fit Y rather than X. This allows the investigation that was honest to mathematics and science to produce results that allow us insight into an area we did not know to be tailored to fit a view as though not to be at odds with ones faith.

This is not practicing science, this is diluting an polluting it and disrespecting what would otherwise be very good results.

Science can only advance if we are willing to accept that the results we achieve, no matter how unpleasant or surprising they are to a particular view are infact true and must be held and worked upon as such.

If we allow our schools to teach that the overwhelming evidence that the universe is billions of years old, or hide that amino acids can spontaneously structurally reconfigure in the right conditions we ignore years of work and genius and rather than going forward, we take steps back.

This is insulting to the great minds before us who have built the frameworks we continue to build on and better. This is doing us a disservice as a civilization and a society.




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